Microsoft Announces Waitlist for AI Powered Bing Search

New AI-Powered Bing search

Today, Microsoft announced an official waitlist to get access to their upcoming AI-Powered Bing search. The upcoming features of Bing search will use AI capabilities similar to what ChatGPT has offered for the last few months.

Microsoft's announcement of new AI-Powered Bing search.
Microsoft’s announcement of new AI-Powered Bing Search

Per the Bing FAQ- users will be able to ask Bing to create content, such as writing stories and poems and sharing guidance for projects and goals. Bing will also be able to search its database of content and delivery a summarized answer. It will also feature the ability to respond to follow up questions to provide better refinement for what the user is looking for.

Upcoming Bing Search will be able to delivery customized responses to user’s queries

No word yet on when the new Bing search will be widely available, but people interested in trying it out early are invited to get on the official waitlist, which is available at:

Interested early adopters can sign up for the waitlist