First Look at Google’s Gemini Android App’s New AI Capabilities

Gemini in the Google Play Store

Google has recently begun the rollout of an intriguing new mobile experience named Gemini, alongside its more advanced counterpart, Gemini Advanced. Available on Android and soon on iOS through the Google app, Gemini aims to transform the way we interact with AI on our mobile devices. Touted as a significant step towards creating a true AI assistant, Gemini boasts conversational, multimodal capabilities designed to be more helpful than ever.

The Gemini app on Android introduces users to a new kind of assistant powered by generative AI, designed to assist with a wide array of tasks. Whether you need to generate a custom image for an event, seek help for a flat tire, or even craft complex text messages, Gemini is equipped to handle these requests with ease. My firsthand experience with the app revealed a robust set of features, including image generation, coding assistance, and travel planning, all of which performed impressively, delivering valuable information complete with visuals and links.

  • Gemini splash screen
  • Gemini splash screen on Android app
  • Gemini generates images
  • Gemini trip planner
  • Gemini examining image
  • Gemini giving information and image

However, the app is not without its limitations. While testing, I encountered some inconsistencies in image generation, receiving a response stating “I can’t generate images of that” in about 30% of cases, despite the prompts being unproblematic. Moreover, some of the more practical functions like setting reminders, controlling smart devices, and playing music currently fall outside of Gemini’s capabilities, leading to a somewhat disjointed experience when compared to the traditional Google Assistant.

Despite these drawbacks, the app’s interface and additional features were commendable. The option to upload files for analysis and the seamless integration of Google search capabilities after each response highlight the potential of Gemini as a versatile tool. The user experience is further enriched by convenient options to share responses, export information to Docs/Gmail, and explore alternative drafts of Gemini’s replies.

Transitioning from Google Assistant to Gemini revealed a mixed bag of experiences. While the app shines in information retrieval and offers an innovative overlay for accessing AI features directly from your screen, the necessity to manually send requests and the absence of essential assistant functionalities were notable deficiencies. This contrasted sharply with Google’s promise of integrating numerous Assistant voice features into Gemini, suggesting that the app is still in its developmental phase with room for significant improvement.

  • Gemini fails to set a reminder
  • Gemini fails to control smart home devices
  • Gemini fails to generate image
  • Gemini fails to generate image

The Gemini app represents a bold step forward in AI interaction on mobile devices, offering a glimpse into the future of digital assistance. While it excels in delivering advanced AI capabilities for creative and informational tasks, its current limitations in handling everyday assistant tasks highlight the need for further refinement. As Google continues to enhance Gemini’s functionalities, it holds the promise of becoming an indispensable tool for users seeking a more intelligent, responsive, and versatile assistant experience.

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