Using Chatsonic to Write Python Testing Scripts

Chatsonic is another AI Chatbot service that is built from ChatGPT technologies. Like many similar AI services, Chatsonic can create original content for articles, blogs, social media posts, and can also create images. There’s a free trial available, and paid plans start at around $19/month.

From a QA/Tester perspective, I thought I would see if I could get Chatsonic to generate some Python code that would be useful for testing a website. I asked it to create a python script that visits a URL and flags any images that do not have a corresponding alternative text. Within 20 seconds, Chatsonic generated the below code, complete with informative comments in the code.

Chatsonic generated Python code

I copied the above code, dropped it into Visual Studio Code, and after installing BeautifulSoup, ran the script and it worked without any issues on the first run! It checked the homepage of and it did find one case of missing alternative text, which I verified by viewing the source of Yahoo’s homepage.

Executing the Python code in Visual Studio Code
Missing Alt Text
Missing Alt Text confirmed!

I tried the same script on a few other sites, and it found many similar cases of missing Alt Text. Finding issues like this can be important for website’s to be ADA compliant. The script looks well written and can easily be enhanced to be more functional. You can try out Chatsonic at Writesonic.