Meta Quest v50 Update Rolling Out

Meta Quest v50

Meta Quest v50 has started to rollout to the Quest 2 and Pro headsets and includes some promising enhancements. One enhancements is the capability to use 2D apps, like the Quest web browser, inside of other apps. This feature was previously available to Quest Pro users, but now it is also available to Quest 2 users.

Meta Quest v50 includes 2D app multitasking
2D app multitasking
Quest browser in Body Combat
Quest browser inside Les Mills Body Combat

Another enhancement is a new feature called Direct Touch which allows you to swipe and at tap in the Quest interface. When you get near a surface, a hand will appear and allows you to swipe and tap. This feature is currently considered “experimental” and must be enabled in the Settings.

Meta Quest v50 Direct Touch feature
New experimental feature – Direct Touch
Hand appears to swipe and tap
Hand appears to swipe and tap

Some other smaller features include “Pick Up and Play” which is an improvement in the amount of time that it takes the controllers to respond when the headset is put on. There is also an improvement to Quick Settings that allows you to switch between tablet and desktop mode for the VR menu viewing.