Examining Self-Perception in AI-Powered Image Generators

AI Powered Images

The landscape of AI-powered image generation has seen rapid growth and continuous advancements in recent months. Numerous innovative tools have emerged, each offering unique capabilities and features. In an intriguing experiment, four leading image generators were tasked with creating a visual representation of themselves.

The selected image generators for this exploration were Midjourney, AI Image Generator (an Android app), Stable Diffusion, and Bing Image Creator (which utilizes OpenAI’s DALL-E). Each generator was prompted with the request: “Create a highly detailed photo of what (image generator’s name) looks like, 8k, photo.” The responses received were as follows:

  1. Midjourney: The resulting images showcased impressive graphics and an eclectic mix. Interestingly, images 1 and 3 appeared to be two distinct pictures combined, potentially hinting at some hidden insight.
Midjourney self-portrait
Midjourney self-portrait

2. Stable Diffusion: The outcome, reminiscent of a lava lamp, was somewhat unexpected. Although the level of detail left something to be desired, the abstract nature might symbolize Stable Diffusion’s thought process.

Stable Diffusion self-portrait
Stable Diffusion self-portrait

3. AI Image Generator (Android app): Deviating from its usual single-image output, the Android app generated a series of nine related images, primarily featuring mountains and clouds.

AI Image Generator self-portrait
AI Image Generator (Android App)

4. Bing Image Creator: Unfortunately, Microsoft’s image generator took issue with the prompt, blocking its submission and threatening account suspension for further policy violations. The issue has been reported in hopes that a human reviewer will deem the prompt non-offensive.

Bing Image Creator self-portrait
Bing Image Creator

In conclusion, the experiment highlights the diverse range of responses elicited from generative AI image tools when tasked with self-representation. These results not only demonstrate the creativity and distinct characteristics of each tool, but also raise questions about how AI interprets and processes self-awareness. As the field of AI-powered image generation continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to observe how these tools develop their own unique identities and characteristics.

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