ChatGPT App for iOS Now Available

ChatGPT in the App Store

OpenAI has unveiled its newly minted ChatGPT application, now accessible to iOS users. The application is currently procurable via the App Store for patrons residing in the United States, with plans underway to extend availability to additional countries in the forthcoming weeks.

This development facilitates iOS users in harnessing the robust capabilities of ChatGPT within a dedicated application. Subscribers of the enhanced ChatGPT Plus service will find the app mirrors most of the functionality offered by the browser-based variant, including access to the advanced GPT4 as well as access to conversation history. The app also features voice input via OpenAI’s Whisper speech recognition. Unfortunately, it does not yet support Plugins which were recently introduced. To ensure optimal performance and compatibility, the ChatGPT application necessitates that devices operate on iOS version 16.1 or above.

ChatGPT app for iOS

In addition to this announcement, OpenAI also proffered a glimpse into future developments, indicating imminent plans to expand support to include Android devices.

ChatGPT iOS app in action
iOS ChatGPT app in action

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