Tesla’s 12v Battery Replacement: A User’s Perspective

Tesla low voltage battery warning

After 4.5 years of driving my Tesla Model 3, I was greeted with a “Schedule service to replace low voltage battery” alert on my car’s screen a few nights ago. A second message read “Electrical system is unable to support all features” which was alarming so I was hesitant to drive the car further. Recognizing the urgency of the situation and not wanting to risk getting stranded, I wasted no time in scheduling a mobile service appointment through Tesla’s user-friendly app.

Tesla battery issue- electrical system is unable to support all features
Tesla battery warning about electrical system is unable to support all features

Within a mere 20 minutes of requesting the service, I received a message outlining the estimated cost— a surprisingly reasonable $115, inclusive of tax. Given that the service would be performed right at my house, I found the cost to be quite reasonable. After approving the estimate, I was pleased to find that I could book a service window for the very next morning. Since I had already planned to work from home, this timing was a welcome bonus.

The appointment was slated for a four-hour window, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on a Monday. Keeping in line with excellent customer service, the Tesla mobile technician communicated with me through a few text messages before arriving at approximately 11 a.m. The technician was not only able to swiftly replace my 12v battery but also managed to address an outstanding recall issue by replacing the trunk lid harness, all within 45 minutes.

Tesla 12v Battery replacement
Tesla mobile service replacing 12v battery

The mobile service technician shared with me that battery replacement alerts are treated with high priority within their service framework. This explained the rapid response time and efficient service that I experienced.

My encounter with Tesla’s 12v battery replacement service was nothing short of exemplary. The promptness, ease, and quality of the service undeniably earn it an A+ in my book. From the moment the warning appeared on my screen to the expert completion of the service, Tesla demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction that is worthy of high praise.

Tesla battery warning - electrical system is unable to support all features
Low voltage battery explained via the console

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