OpenAI Launches GPT Store: A Hub for Custom AI Chatbots

OpenAI GPT Store

OpenAI has recently unveiled its GPT Store on Wednesday, a dedicated platform that acts as a virtual marketplace for specialized AI chatbots. These chatbots, derived from OpenAI’s innovative ChatGPT technology, span a diverse range of functionalities. The store features categories such as Writing, Productivity, Research & Analysis, Programming, and Education, catering to a wide array of user needs.

Among the offerings, some notable GPTs have been developed by OpenAI itself, including intriguing options like Coloring Book Hero, Data Analyst and Creative Writing Coach. These in-house creations showcase the versatility and creative potential of the GPT technology.

OpenAI's custom GPTs
OpenAI’s custom GPTs

The GPT Store isn’t just about accessibility; it’s about discovery and ease of use. It simplifies the process of finding the right GPT for your needs, or stumbling upon new tools you didn’t know you needed. Subscribers to OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus plan, priced at $20 per month, or the recently introduced $25 per month “Team” subscription, gain full access to these GPTs. Additionally, these subscribers have the unique opportunity to create and contribute their own GPTs to the store.

Highlighting the store’s diverse range, popular examples include Kahn Academy’s Code Tutor and offerings from Canva. These, along with a multitude of GPTs designed for coding assistance, image creation, research aid, and promoting healthy living, reflect the store’s rich variety. With over 3 million GPTs already available, the GPT Store includes a user-friendly search function and showcases trending GPTs. OpenAI also plans to feature new GPTs weekly, ensuring a constantly evolving and fresh selection.

While currently, there is no direct monetization model for the GPTs in the store, OpenAI has indicated that this feature is on the horizon. This potential for monetization hints at a future where creators can not only share but also profit from their innovative AI-driven tools.

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