Jetpack Introduces AI-Assisted Content Generation for WordPress

Jetpack AI Assistant

This week, Jetpack unveiled a ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) content creator, specifically designed for WordPress users. Currently in its beta testing phase, this cutting-edge feature allows users to generate up to 20 unique prompts.

Users who find value in this sophisticated capability have the opportunity to upgrade to the paid version, priced at $9.50 per month USD.

To leverage this advanced generative AI tool, users must select the ‘AI Assistant’ option when incorporating content into a post. Subsequently, they are required to enter their preferred content. For example, one could request: “Compose a 4-6 paragraph article on how to attract butterflies to your yard.”

Jetpack AI Assistant prompt

Upon receiving the input, Jetpack AI promptly produces the requested content. If the initial output is unsatisfactory, the platform provides an option for regeneration. Simply click the ‘Try Again’ button to generate a fresh response to the prompt. Furthermore, users can fine-tune the tone of the response for a more customized output. Once satisfied with the results, users can click ‘Accept’ to integrate the generated content onto their page.

Jetpack AI content generation
Users can choose the “Try again” option to get a different response
Jetpack AI content tone option
Uses can change the tone of the response

To acquire more detailed information about Jetpack’s latest AI content creator, please visit:

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